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You are viewing Bar Passage success for ABA-approved law schools grouped by Type of School

We put all schools on the following chart by plotting bar pass rates in 2013 against Type of School.

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The composite bar passage rate is the number ABA-approved law schools report to the ABA for accreditation purposes.

Grouped by Type of School Average 2013 Composite
Bar Pass Rate
Public Schools
84 schools
Private Schools
107 schools
For-Profit Schools
6 schools

Read this chart across each row. For example, the 84 Public Schools had an average bar passage rate of 84.7% in 2013.

School Type 2013 Composite Bar Passage Rate
Southern University Law Center Public 46.6%
University of The District of Columbia Public 54.7%
North Carolina Central University Public 65.6%
Texas Southern University Public 66.8%
Rutgers State University - Newark Public 70.4%
University of Arkansas - Little Rock Public 70.6%
Florida A&M University Public 73.1%
Louisiana State University Public 73.4%
University of North Dakota Public 73.6%
University of California - Hastings Public 74.6%
University of Nevada - Las Vegas Public 75.4%
Michigan State University Public 76.6%
West Virginia University Public 76.9%
University of Idaho Public 77.9%
Wayne State University Public 78.4%
CUNY Public 79.2%
University of California - Irvine Public 80%
University of Louisville Public 80.2%
University of Arizona Public 80.5%
University of Wyoming Public 80.6%
University of Oregon Public 80.7%
University of Pittsburgh Public 80.9%
University of Toledo Public 81.2%
Northern Kentucky University Public 82%
University of North Carolina Public 82.4%
Indiana University - Indianapolis Public 82.5%
University of Hawaii Public 82.6%
University of California - Davis Public 82.9%
SUNY Buffalo Public 83%
University of Maryland Public 83.5%
University of Connecticut Public 83.7%
Rutgers State University - Camden Public 83.8%
University of Akron Public 83.8%
University of South Carolina Public 84.7%
Florida International University Public 84.8%
University of New Hampshire Public 84.8%
University of Illinois Chicago School of Law Public 84.9%
University of Baltimore Public 84.9%
Washburn University Public 85.3%
University of New Mexico Public 85.4%
University of California - Berkeley Public 85.7%
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville Public 85.7%
University of Montana Public 86.1%
University of Nebraska Public 86.3%
Texas A&M Public 86.7%
Texas Tech University Public 86.9%
University of Florida Public 87.2%
Northern Illinois University Public 87.4%
University of Maine Public 87.5%
Arizona State University Public 87.9%
University of Memphis Public 88%
University of Oklahoma Public 88.1%
University of Houston Public 88.2%
Florida State University Public 88.4%
University of California - Los Angeles Public 88.6%
Southern Illinois University Public 88.8%
University of Colorado Public 89.2%
Penn State University Public 89.2%
University of Kansas Public 89.5%
William and Mary Public 89.5%
University of Cincinnati Public 89.6%
University of Iowa Public 89.8%
Temple University Public 90%
University of Utah Public 90%
University of Kentucky Public 90.2%
University of Mississippi Public 90.8%
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Public 91.1%
Indiana University - Bloomington Public 91.4%
University of Missouri - Kansas City Public 91.7%
University of Virginia Public 92.8%
George Mason University Public 93.1%
University of Missouri - Columbia Public 93.3%
University of Washington Public 93.5%
University of Minnesota Public 93.5%
University of Michigan Public 93.6%
University of Tennessee Public 94.3%
Georgia State University Public 94.4%
Ohio State University Public 94.7%
University of Illinois Public 94.7%
University of Georgia Public 94.8%
University of Texas Public 95.1%
University of Alabama Public 96.4%
University of South Dakota Public 97.8%
University of Wisconsin Public 100%
Western Michigan University - Cooley Law School Private 51.5%
Thomas Jefferson School of Law Private 55.2%
Golden Gate University Private 55.7%
University of La Verne Private 56.4%
University of Detroit Mercy Private 61.1%
Ave Maria School of Law Private 62.6%
Western New England University School of Law Private 64.1%
Howard University Private 64.3%
Loyola University New Orleans Private 64.9%
Elon Law School Private 65.5%
Whittier Law School Private 65.7%
Touro College Private 66.4%
University of the Pacific Private 67.7%
Appalachian School of Law Private 68.3%
Liberty University Private 70.1%
California Western School of Law Private 71.4%
St. Thomas University - Florida Private 71.4%
Santa Clara University Private 72%
Southwestern Law School Private 73.5%
Tulane University Private 73.9%
University of San Francisco Private 75.1%
Regent University Private 75.6%
Catholic University of America Private 75.7%
Valparaiso University Private 76%
Chapman University Private 76.4%
University of San Diego Private 76.5%
Vermont Law School Private 77%
University of Dayton Private 77.4%
Mississippi College Private 77.6%
Oklahoma City University Private 79%
American University Private 79.2%
Barry University Private 79.3%
Pace University Private 79.3%
Albany Law School Private 79.8%
Wake Forest University Private 80.1%
Drexel University Private 80.2%
Roger Williams University Private 80.3%
Willamette University Private 80.6%
Pepperdine University Private 80.9%
Widener University - Delaware Private 81%
Lewis and Clark College Private 81.2%
University of Richmond Private 81.2%
St. Mary's University Private 81.5%
University of Miami Private 81.6%
Nova Southeastern University Private 81.6%
Suffolk University Private 81.9%
Creighton University Private 82%
Duquesne University Private 82.2%
Quinnipiac University Private 82.2%
Seattle University Private 82.2%
Washington and Lee University Private 82.3%
Campbell University Private 82.4%
New York Law School Private 82.5%
Hofstra University Private 82.6%
Widener University - Pennsylvania Private 83.3%
Hamline University Private 83.8%
Loyola Marymount University Private 84.7%
Syracuse University Private 84.7%
Samford University Private 84.9%
Cardozo-Yeshiva University Private 85%
University of Denver Private 85.7%
Ohio Northern University Private 85.7%
University of Southern California Private 86%
Brigham Young University Private 86.1%
Capital University Private 86.6%
Case Western Reserve University Private 86.7%
DePaul University Private 86.8%
Mercer University Private 86.8%
University of Tulsa Private 87%
St. John's University Private 87.6%
University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis Private 87.7%
Seton Hall University Private 87.8%
University of Notre Dame Private 88.1%
South Texas College of Law Houston Private 88.1%
Northeastern University Private 88.3%
Villanova University Private 88.3%
Washington University in St Louis Private 88.5%
Loyola University Chicago Private 88.6%
William Mitchell College of Law Private 88.8%
New England School of Law Private 89.2%
Stetson University Private 89.3%
Southern Methodist University Private 89.6%
Georgetown University Private 89.9%
Fordham University Private 90.6%
George Washington University Private 90.6%
Gonzaga University Private 90.8%
Northwestern University Private 91.3%
St. Louis University Private 91.5%
Faulkner University Private 91.9%
Stanford University Private 91.9%
Brooklyn Law School Private 92.7%
Chicago-Kent College of Law Private 93%
Boston College Private 94.4%
Cornell University Private 94.4%
Boston University Private 94.7%
Drake University Private 94.7%
University of Chicago Private 94.8%
Emory University Private 94.9%
Duke University Private 95.4%
University of Pennsylvania Private 95.6%
Vanderbilt University Private 95.6%
New York University Private 96.2%
Yale University Private 96.2%
Columbia University Private 96.3%
Harvard University Private 96.4%
Baylor University Private 97%
Marquette University Private 100%
Charlotte School of Law For Profit 61.7%
John Marshall Law School - Atlanta For Profit 67.1%
Florida Coastal School of Law For Profit 68.4%
Arizona Summit Law School For Profit 69.1%
Charleston School of Law For Profit 75.6%
Western State University For Profit 77.6%