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This tool examines the state of legal education in 2015 through tables, charts, and graphs. These data representations are generated based on performance-based and location-based groups.

Using the Navigator

First, select a method of grouping the schools, e.g. Bar Passage Rates in 2013. This method segments schools based on whether each school's bar pass rate was > 85%, 75% - 84.9%, 60% - 74.9%, or < 60%. This produces groups of 94, 60, 28, and 6 schools, respectively.

Second, choose the component you want to compare using those groups. For example, you can see how average debt changed between 2010 and 2014 for each bar passage rate segment. In many cases, clear patterns emerge. We analyze many of these patterns in our findings.

Selected Data Representations

  • 25th Percentile LSAT Drop by Socioeconomic Proxy. See the relationship between a school's borrowing rate and risk associated with its LSAT bottom quartile students.
  • 2013 Bar Pass Rates vs. 2010 Risk Levels. See how risk profiles for students entering in 2010 translated to their bar performance in 2013.
  • 2014 Legal Job Rates vs Total Federal Investment. See how large of a federal investment the government makes in schools by job outcomes.
  • 2013 Bar Pass Rates vs. Graduate Debt. See bar success by how much debt students have on average.
  • See data for schools grouped by location.

Request New Group or Component

We can add new groups or components or data representations by request. Send us an email to ask.